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Thread: Schmidt & Bender Klassic 8x56 scope

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    Schmidt & Bender Klassic 8x56 scope

    as titled hungarian 1" model A7 reticle complete with box & paperwork. unmarked as new condition 425 payment via paypal as a gift or cash on collection includes next day recorded delivery where possible

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    reduced 390 posted

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    I have a mate who will be interested in your scope. If you pm me your number i will pass it on.

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    Does your mate not have a computer?

    Si's Nan has

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    Many thanks. Still giggling here after five minutes.
    KevinF -

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    I will have your scope if it has not already sold, please pm your details.

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    Si's Nan here.

    Nice this computer thingy, i've just got off the tele-skype-ama-phone with Mrs Marshall from down the road who now lives in Australia.

    My have her grand kids grown...

    Right, must dash to catch the post so this reaches you all in time, behave now boys!


    Grannie Si.

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    no longer for sale cheers

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