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    Super X

    Hi Guys,heading to Europe in November to hunt driven wild boar using a Blaser R8 .270 win what bullets should i bring? thanks in anticipation.
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    Why not use the same ammunition that Franz Albrecht Oettingen-Spielberg uses in the .270 win.
    The Hornady Superformance 130 GMX

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    I thought that was 130gn RWS telemantle?? someone else recommended 156 gn sako cos of their thick hide. Must look at Franz Albrech video again. Thanks!!

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    He shoots what the sponsors provide at the time. Have you noted that his allegiances to rifles has also changed not that it makes any difference with his outstanding ability. I bet there are more than a few of us who would love to have his skills.

    I believe that the advice generally given when shooting driven boar with a .270win is to go for the heaviest bullet that you can get which is normally a 150 grain bullet as heavier bullets while available are hard to come by. Home Office guidance parrots what was the minimum requirement in many countries i.e. a 150 grain bullet, however many claim that a 130 grain bullet is suitable and ballistically superior. Perhaps it would be a good idea to check the legal requirements of the country you will be shooting in Super X.
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    The .270 is popular in France, and in the pump action Remingtons, too, so I would expect to find Remington, Federal, and Winchester 150-gr ammunition, in both Spitzer and RN. I like the Remington CoreLokt 150-gr RN - accurate and cheap here.

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    Yep have used 130gn CoreLokt in the past on deer and found them excellent,more research required methinks!!

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    Agree with 8x57, the heaviest bullet you can find for it, because we can't all shoot like Franz Albrecht, and perfect shot placement isn't easy on a running boar, and through bushes, & undergrowth ! So whatever bullet, it needs to be robust.

    I seem to recall that some countries state a minimum weight, 140g rings a bell, but check.

    You don't need to worry about high velocity, or flat shooting rounds, as you'll rarely shoot out as far as 100m, 20-60m being most common.

    I've been using a 7x64 /165g for sitting out, and 9.3x62 /255g for driven, both do a very good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super X View Post
    Yep have used 130gn CoreLokt in the past on deer and found them excellent,more research required methinks!!
    Little or no research is required. If you can lay your hands on any decent 150gr bullet, it will do perfectly well.

    At a pinch, I'd happily use 130gr.

    On a driven hunt you will be lucky to meet a really big boar. The vast majority of pigs shot will be under 75kg, anything from a 270 will kill them. I would avoid very frangible bullets such as SST's though.

    Ballistics are irrelevant, you are very unlikely to shoot much more than 60 - 80 metres.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    SST Hornady are good. Otherwise you can find 150g S/P in most shops.

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    Hey I use a 270Win and shoot heavier bullets for driven boar, 150gr and above.
    NORMA ORYX 150gr or
    NORMA VULKAN 156 gr

    these should be easy to acquire in any shop on the continent

    I have also used Federal Premium with Nosler partition bullets ... always in 150gr
    recently got a box of PPU but am unaware of how these will hold up to a boar.

    Before getting my rifle however, I used and still use occasionally on solo and driven hunts if in a tight and dirty situation (I always take two guns to a drive) my smoothbore SxS using Sauvestre dart slugs which are quite accurate up to 100m (usually you will shoot well under that... ) or DDupleks Hexolit 32 expanding slugs

    If stalking or shooting from stands at feeding posts then I guess a well placed 140gr expanding bullet will do the tricka

    As for Franz Albrecht... If i could shoot like that I would be confident even with 130gr RWS TM.... and anyway, he uses whatever the sponsors tell him to.
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