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Thread: sako quad in17hmr

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    sako quad in17hmr

    If you have one what do you think of it, I would like to hear your thoughts

    regards ian
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    Hi Ian

    had one for 3 years, found it a nice rifle, just wish I had cut the barrel down as it was a bit lanky when shooting from the truck,

    bolt was good, mag feed was ok and the barrel change system was ok, but I never got used to that bit as I am not a fan of the 22lr,

    it it always felt a bit flimsy to me with it being a synthetic stock, but not sure how it feels with a wooden stock. not the best but a good rifle that served me well.


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    Typical Sako quality. I have .22LR and .17HMR barrels. Synthetic stock. No feed or extraction problems for me. Bit pricey compared to CZ.

    Good though it is, I don't use it that often as I have a .22LR set up for NV.

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    I've had one for a few years, in .17hmr. No problems with feeding/extraction that some experience.
    For me personally I have had to extend the length of pull using stock spacers as found it about 25mm short.


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    I have the Finnfire II in .17HMR. OK its not a quad as you cant change the barrel, and has a wooden stock, but its not too distant from the Quad (same receiver, barrel and magazine). I find that it feeds and ejects both live rounds and fired cases perfectly, super silky and quiet (unlike my Anschutz!). Accuracy is fantastic, 3/4" groups at 100 yards using Hornady 17gn Vmax - (it hates CCI 20gn), although I do get the odd flyer with the Hornady Vmax which I put down to the lack of bedding between receiver and stock.
    Trigger is a delight, not at all gritty, I've set it to a lightweight pull which I haven't been bothered to measure yet, breaks like glass and very predictable. With a good moderator such as the DPT rimfire mod I'm finding that the only noise is from the supersonic crack, that long 22" barrel seems to help, although would rather it was a tad shorter.

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    Thumbs up

    Got the Quad varmint with 22lr and 17hmr barrels , love it, both barrels work well, no problems , very accurate!

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    Loved mine and was very sad that ill health forced me to sell. That said, although HMR gives one 120-150m in the hands of a competent shot, once I put the .22LR barrel on (80-100m, but extremely quiet), I never bothered with the HMR again. Whether HMR or .22LR (or either of the other two variants the combination caters for) depends entirely on required purpose. Although the ability to change barrel's could be useful, I personally found a pain and no substitute for two completely separate rifles - which is what I would have had eventually, to cater for short range 'quiet' and longer range, depending on the ground and purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjm160 View Post
    depending on the ground and purpose.
    Couldn't agree more, its amazing how those .22 subs ricochet! Although I have had the odd 17HMR that did the same, just no where near as many.

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    I've got one and I think it's great. Is there a down side? Well possibly. I guess you aren't interested in the pros and cons of .17hmr, so I'll not go into that.

    But of the rifle itself: As bobjs says, the stock seems a little flimsy, but it's more than adequate. I don't shoot mine from a vehicle, so length isn't important to me. With the original 5 shot magazine, I've never had any cycling problems, although if you get one of the larger magazines from Sako (that actually holds 9 rounds in .17hmr) you'll probably find that the bolt doesn't always pick up a round. So I rarely use mine. The bolt action seems to be a little rough to me too, something others of my acquaintance have also noticed, but it's nothing but reliable (given the right magazine).

    I'm not sure the interchangeable barrel configuration was the success Sako hoped it would be. A dedicated scope that promised to do away with zeroing every time you changed barrels that you could buy wasn't a success and the convenience of having a rifle for each calibre was preferred by many rather than the faff of changing barrels. Hence the return of the company to the new Finnfire.

    But all in all, it's a good rifle that I continue to use with satisfaction and you should find it at least as accurate as any of it's competitors.

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