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Thread: Anyone Hunted in NZ?

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    Anyone Hunted in NZ?

    Half considering moving out for a year or two to NZ. Partly to see somewhere different but there also seems to be lots of good hunting over there? Has anyone moved out there or have much experience of hunting over there? Interested to know how easy it is regarding getting licences and shooting public land ect,(they seem to have a lot of it from what I've read) ?


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    What work are you planning on doing there & how easy will it be for you to get a work permit?

    I ask as the thought is on my mind too just now but I've lived there before for 7 years & have had residency & work permits & also have the advantage of a NZ wife & our children would be entitled to either NZ or UK passports so shouldn't be too complex for me.

    I also seem to remember that it was fairly easy to go there if you were 'financially independent' or could invest a significant sum in an NZ business.

    Going hunting will be the straightforward part of the trip.

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    Thanks for the reply! I'm a vet so hopefully should manage to get a permit okay. Biggest issue with the whole plan is that the girlfriend is also a vet so getting jobs close enough together would be an issue I imagine. Did you do much hunting/fishing when you were over there?

    cheers again!

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    Yes, I've known a couple of vets who have gone out & enjoyed it.

    No, I didn't hunt there although I'd done a lot of shooting here before I went out. To be honest I didn't find it a completely easy ride as NZ followed the American employment model with very limited amounts of holidays & I found I was constantly working overtime at the weekends to earn enough (& I fell in the top 25% of earnings). I would imagine that as a vet you will have more control over your working hours which would make it much more attractive but I have to say that the things I missed most were history & the lack of wildlife. The people are great though.

    We have lots of family & friends there and some that hunt so let me know where you're going & I'll try & put you in touch with someone if I can.

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    Hunted today as a matter of fact, don,t imagine hunting is like the UK, it's not, it's hard work, but enjoyable, getting a license is easy along with shooting on public land is easy to find, up where I am in Northland , we don,t have deer, but plenty of goats and pigs, below there are deer, goats, pigs, the South Island has it all, but we have the best sea fishing.
    I moved out here last year, and don,t think we will be moving back

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    I'm going down the same route as a teacher married to a surgeon. All I can say is start the paperwork as quickly as you can. The process of converting qualifications (including degrees and masters degrees from large UK universities) is time consuming.
    Meeting the visa requirements without having your qualifications assessed is near impossible.
    Good luck

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    As a Kiwi, I'd say the best hunting is in the Sth Island as this is where we have the tahr and chamois. As far as the local permits go, if you have a firearms license, the actual permit to hunt on DOC land is just a simple online form. No problem, no fees. The game animals are basically defined as pests, so you can hunt all the deer, tahr and chamois you can find. The 'finding' is the hard part. The country where game animals typically hide is steep and difficult, but that's part of the enjoyment of it down here. I don't know anybody who owns a high-seat here. The locals wouldn't consider that 'hunting'. You'd be ruthlessly mocked.
    As a Vet, you may end up working on farm animals - if that interests you. If you're working with farmers, then you can be almost certain privilaged doors will open for you (if you're not an offensive idiot): this means that you'll probably get the odd offer to hunt the back of the farm, which for deer is much easier than throwing your lot in with the rest of us on DOC land. Either way, this is one of the best places in the world to hunt and fish, thanks to the easy access to game animals / fish (fishing needs a different license though). If you post on a few local forums, you'll get some offers for help on DOC land - I'm sure somebody will take you out and get you started if you think you need it.

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    Welcome to NZ.
    You will like it. Plenty of locum jobs for vets.
    If you settle in the province towns like Whakatane, Whanganui, Gisborne you will be close to good hunting on public land.
    You won't leave once you get here.

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    Do it, you wont regret it. I came out with my family last year and we wont be coming back! I have thousands of acres of public land on my doorstep I can hunt on whenever I like. Its a different type of hunting, its hard work but worth it. Good luck!

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    Whats the deal in NZ how much is a reasonable salary? I work for myself and can do my business from anywhere. As a single bloke smashing up the town and hunting/fishing a lot could you you live reasonably on 50/75/100k ?

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