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Thread: Launceston area - gunshops?

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    Launceston area - gunshops?

    Anyone know of any gunshops in/around Launceston?


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    Yes mate - I tried the one on Racy hill (googled) but it shut 'some time back'!

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    Try Tamar Field & Stream in Lifton (just outside Launceston). Open every day bar Saturday PM and Sundays. Great folks

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    What are you after,could also try All about country in Tavistock.

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    I want a picatinny rail and some ammo. Just left whiddon down so I'll check both out
    Thanks fellas.

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    Your along way from home! Cornwall o quite poor for gunsmiths to be honest.

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    Reckon you'll struggle. Field & Stream are mainly Game (shotgun) and fishing. Not really into rifles. Good shop and nice people.
    Your best bet would be Sportsmans in Exeter on your way home. You'll be like a kid in a sweet shop, and you might even be lucky and find that they have your rail in stock.
    Alternative on the way home is Braces (never been, but website looks good) in Bristol or Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting in Street (top class bloke and shop, but you will need to call ahead to check he's open). Both short distances from the M5.

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    Yeah, I know I'm a long way from home!

    Still live in Hull - but work in Launceston, so I'm here from Sunday night until Friday morning every week.

    I might look at Ivythorn on Wednesday - I have to go to Exeter anyway.

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    Speak to Tiff at Roundhouse Firearms, 10 minutes from Launceston. 07581325328

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