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Thread: 8 bore cartridges

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    8 bore cartridges

    Hi, I have just brought my first 8 bore and I'm after some cartridges for it, does anyone have anything laying around or know where I could get some? Cheers, Connor

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    I used a double eight for the best part of thirty years and always reloaded. Even in the 1980s eight bore cartridges were manufactured by a few specialists and the costs were unaffordable.
    I used to obtain plastic cases that were used for industrial purposes. Remington and Dominion head-stamps. All the industrial cases needed resizing (strongly) to fit a shotgun chamber. Once resized and loaded, I used a roll turnover machine or silicone seal over the top wad. They were made of thick plastic and would stand numerous loadings.
    I think the industrial eight bore cartridge is or was used for boiler cleaning and in cement works too.
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    Get some reloading tools for it mate ,the price you'll get charged for a box will be eye watering

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    Cheers guys, the plan is to reload for it, but I already need to make a stock for it so I just wanted to buy a box to get me started this season.

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    I have a large stock of 8-bore cartridges, the problem would be getting them to you. Is your gun 3.25" chamber ? or larger.

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