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Thread: Kahles K418 MultiZero 4.5-18 x 50 scope

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    Kahles K418 MultiZero 4.5-18 x 50 scope

    2 year old Kahles K418 4.5-18 x 50 scope MultiZero turret and Mil 1 reticle. Scope is in good condition and has been atop a .308 since I purchased it form the importers.

    For full spec please have a look at

    It cost 1280 when new. Serious offers please ......... I will be placing on eBay later this week if nobody from Stalking Directory is interested.

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    Hi Sticks,

    Is your scope still for sale? If so how much do you want for it? Also is there a transferable guarantee with it? Whereabouts are you? I'm in Aberdeenshire. Lastly, any particular reason for selling?


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    I have a Kahles 7x56 non variable on a 30.06 and it has super optics I can thoroughly recommend them.

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    hey Bob,
    if you are lucky, you can look through it when it arrives at my house this week.............

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    Well done jingzy. this the scope for the new project?


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