I needed a new firing pin spring for my Voere .22LR as the one in it had a small kink in it which stopped it from cycling properly. I sent an e-mail to Voere in Austria asking them if they could supply one along with a new mechanism return spring also (Better to change the two of them together). They sent an e-mail back saying that the two springs would cost around 15 euros but there would be a surcharge of another 10 euros for a "minimal order". I sort of half expected something like this but as I needed the new springs I replied and asked them to send a pro-forma invoice along with payment details and gave them my home address. The next thing I knew was when I got an e-mail from them a few days later saying that they were going to send me the two springs "With Compliments" and weren't even going to charge me for the postage. To make things even better just 4 days later the two springs have arrived (This morning) and are waiting for me to fit them.
Now that's what I call really excellent customer service, the sort of thing I'm sure that we would all like to see more of from some British manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
In my books service like that deserves full credit.
Many Thanks to Voere!