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Thread: New Rifle - What Calibre??

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    New Rifle - What Calibre??

    An often asked question.

    I have a .22, .22-50 & .308. This covers most shooting in these Isles however I am in the process of putting in for a .300WSM.

    My question is what would be a good fit in-between the .22-250 and .300WSM. I was leaning towards a 260 Rem. My shooting is mainly longer range rabbits and vermin (.22-250), Muntjac and Roe (middle cal) Reds and hopefully boar (300WSM).

    I know I could keep the .308 and be done with it but that doesn't satisfy me personally.


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    How about 6.5x55?

    Nice recoil, versatile and a good range of grain weights available.

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    Very important info I failed to mention. Being a lefty I will rebarrel my rem 700 VS so the new calibre will have to be a short action and same head diameter. I reload so less issue with ammo availability.

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    for long range bunny bashing I think a 6mm br. light on powder and damed good out to 600 yards,

    been using mine with 87gr sets out to 650 yards on corvids and love it, also great for dear if you have a 24" barrel.

    1/8 twist is what everyone goes for but I'm running a 1/9 and it will run the 105gr detach no bother,

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    Funny you mention the 300 wsm. I know a few who have just got them, must be this years trend.. Like Blaser (sorry.. actually no.. I'm not).

    I hear they are good on reds, pretty formidable round.
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    If you are going to use it mostly for deer, go with a mild, efficient cartridge like the 6.5x55 SE, 7x57, or 7mm-08, or .260 Rem ( short action ).

    If you are going to shoot a lot of foxes, go with the .257 Roberts, since you have a .300 WSM for big stuff. And the .257 Roberts with 110-gr bullets like the Accubond will drop any deer in the UK in its tracks. If you want to be a real crank, go .25 Souper.

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    284 win. just because its what I'm getting.

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    260 Rem looks interesting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by scrumbag View Post
    260 Rem looks interesting...
    And an easy conversion , you wouldn't have to modify the feed rails at all , the 260 will feed fine as is . It'll take care of all the game mentioned , including boar , has low recoil and reloading components are readily available . What's not to like ?

    Great , now I want one lol .

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