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Thread: DSC1 - just finished

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    DSC1 - just finished

    JUst finished my DSC1, booked through BASC and the course was run by Paul Hill, Corinium Rifle Range. I know Paul isn't a great fan of forums but I'm sure he wouldn't mind me saying: Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable course – the delivery was spot on and I learned so much more than the ‘Course Manual’ – a very welcome bonus. Relaxed, friendly, informative and all delivered in a style that made you feel relaxed and open to asking questions. All at a good pace and the deer ID photos we went through were excellent!!

    My general tip for preparing for the course; when you get the manual, spend some time going through it to find all the answers for the question banks. Great way for it to sink in and makes the actual course so much more enjoyable.
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    Well done on passing! I did mine earlier in the year and its definitely nerve wracking at points (takes you back to exams at school!), but very interesting and well worth doing IMHO.

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    Thanks - don't know the result yet though! (Hopefull) I agree - well worth doing.

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    Six weeks tomorrow and still no results through

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    I think it took about 6-8 weeks for my certificate to come through as well, you should hopefully have it in the next couple of weeks.

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    Did mine with Paul ,he,s very good at putting you at ease and teaches you at a comfortable pace that doesnt leave anyone behind.And the cakes mmm cakes
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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