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Thread: Wanted Scope

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    Wanted Scope

    Hi Guys

    I require a scope for my rifle, i have about 300-350 available to spend, could you reconmend me a decent scope for my money, prefer 30mm tube as the rifle i got has these rings fitted.


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    Second Hand, High quality, european.

    Look for a fixed mag jobby by Schmidt&Bender, Swarovski, Ziess, Meopta or Leupold (although they arent Europe, still good).

    If your only option is 1" (quality) and buying new mounts do that over 30mm scope (cheap)

    Good luck

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    You have a PM for a Pecar Berlin 4-10 x 56 with rings!

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    I will have a Zeiss 8x56 for sale in a couple of weeks it is mint with the box 400


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    I have a NICKEL Marburg/L Supra 6x42 (1 inch body) made in Germany, condition is as new except for the ring mounting marks,it also has the original lens caps and I would put it performance-wise on a par with Zeiss/Swarovski it sure beats S&B .
    I will let it go for 315 Pounds to give you some help with the new mounts.
    PM if you want photos.
    Regards Martin

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    I have a surplus to my needs 30mm bodied B.Nickel Marburg 1.5-6x42 M. This is the more modern Nickel Marburg with "image moving" and not "reticule moving" zero adjustment. (In other words when you add windage or elevation the reticule stays where it is - like all modern 'scopes).

    I am in Leicester just along the A47.Peterborough Services is a good midway meeting point. It would cost you less than the 300 that you have to spend. Not a lot less, but less. Please PM me if interested. I would be happy to send some pictures by e-mail.

    Reticule is typical "German Post" and is of the front focal plane type so the reticle remains at same constant magnification size as the target magnification size.

    The magnification ring is marked (to help you if you want an "exact x times magnification such as 3x to be legal in Poland on boar) 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x.

    Nickel Marburg do still exist and their items are as good as any Zeiss.
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    Ihave a Zeiss 6x42 one inch tube with Optilok rings and flip up lense covers for 300 delivered to your door,I do not know the history of the scope as it was on a rifle I recently purchased.but the glass is excellant quality as you would expect from this quality scope.
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    thanks for all the offers

    scope now sorted


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