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Thread: Fancy a new rifle

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    Fancy a new rifle

    Evening all
    Having sat in a long undistinguished meeting this afternoon, my thoughts turned to what I should add to the cabinet.
    Is anyone using a 6.5 Grendel how you getting on? I quite fancy building one on a CZ 527. Anyone know of a suitable action sat gathering dust?

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    It's designed for the AR platform. Any chance of a license in Hampshire?
    I know it can be used in a bolt action but it seems to me that deliberately going to a small case size that limits one's options would defeat the purpose of getting a custom rifle made.
    260 Remington?
    6.5 x 55 Ackley?
    6.5 Creedmore?

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    I've had a .260 and got a 308 just interested/wondering about a light compact rifle. I'm not interested in an AR type rifle just a bolt action.
    I realise it has limitations just wondering how people using it, in the real world get on with it? As it looks fairly good on paper.

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    Have a look at Thomas' videos

    There's a few more prior to this re load development etc.



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    Thanks J

    its partially Thomas's fault having watched the video's I fancy a small light weight rifle and the Grendel ticks the box, I realise it is limited, am interested in any real world experience's?

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    I do bud.

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