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Thread: Advice on a Go pro body cameras

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    Advice on a Go pro body cameras

    Looking for a bit of advice from people who may have used or own one.

    Its my birthday coming up and my better half has asked me what I might like for a present and I have had a hankering for one of these cameras to record some of the stalks on deer. In particular this coming season in the highlands.

    So do any of you guys have one or own one?

    I need a waterproof camera.
    Good picture quality.
    Easy to operate (I am not in to technical stuff)
    Where did you purchase yours from.
    What kit did you buy to fix it to your person. (Don't really need one that fits on the chest as my binoculars will be in the way)
    Is it easy to download onto a laptop
    Make and model

    Thanks any info would be welcome.
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    Go pro hero 4 black - it shoots in 4k, can't really get better quality images from something so compact.

    Cost - talk to gopro directly - if you are a guide they can sometimes do a deal, however, I haven't heard of a guide getting a discount since the IPO in 2014.

    Sportsman mount - you can clip it to the rifle

    Remote and tripod - you might want to play around with different timings etc - especially if you are on your own. I would get used to the settings before adding this

    Anti fog inserts


    Comes with USB cable to load onto a laptop

    There are loads of tutorials on the gopro website and youtube about getting started.

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    i have a go pro hero 4 black as well, bought it at airport. one button to push and it does the rest itself.

    i have a wrist mount that i use as well as the headstrap(although i cannot bring myself to wear the headstrap).
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    I too have the GoPro Hero4 black. Really good quality product but no screen on the back of the camera so you just have to trust that it is recording. Waterproof case. Battery runs down pretty quickly with the camera recording in high quality mode and gets quite hot.
    Excellent quality images but everything looks much further away than it does in real life! I've recorded some good roe stalking within 15-40yds looks fine, but on the hill you'll probably find it is not so good unless you are very close to the action!
    I use the head strap mostly. I'm going to use it some more this winter for rough shooting.

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    I have found the Drift Ghost S best suited for my needs mounted to my msa supreme pro X earmuffs.

    Remote control, 3.5hr battery life , 60fps @ 1080hd and the rotable lens are good.
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    Ive had a Go Pro hero 3 for a few years now.

    Fantastic - with water proof casing i have video from my head mount at nearly 50m so no need to worry about the great British weather Malc a bit of rain wont hurt it.

    With a head mount you can bluetooth start and stop video recording from a key fob in your pocket.

    Any remote wilderness or adventure filming on TV in a lot of cases its from a go pro thats how great the quality is..

    Downside if youve not got a modern computer processing and editing the videos taken can be real time consuming..

    10 out of 10 from me a great bit of kit

    couple of links below great fun...

    Note how good the sound quality is even in the waterproof casing mate..

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    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    GoPro are great but only for close filming. I've had one a few years, The fish eye effect can be annoying. If you head mount it can make the film a little nauseaus. Very simple to use.

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    I don't like go pro mounting for hunting. I don't want to wear a helmet hunting and a chest mount means your hands are in the way. I've just bought a drift stealth which is very compact and would mount easy to earmuffs.
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    Got several Chilli Tech (Go Pro Clone) cameras - very good and easy to use - comes with a shoulder mount too if I remember correctly.....

    I have an unused one in classifieds - significant difference in cost - but Go Pro is the market leader.

    Drop me a PM and I can send one of my others down for you to have a play with - might help you make a decision.
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