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Thread: Farage speech to EU parliament

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    Farage speech to EU parliament

    I have just watched Farage give it to the EU parliament.didn't mince his words.anyone agree or disagree with his opinions

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    hes bang on

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywull View Post
    hes bang on
    I also see that Sky news only make ref or quote MEPs who stand up in the EU chamber against him, and not the MEPs who agree with him.

    Half of what he says may well be s**te but thats no different to any politition.

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    Could do with a few more like him. About time someone stood up for our country!!

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    He's like the most unhealthy fast food snack on the planet

    You know you shouldn't like him but you can't help but want more

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    I watched the whole thing this morning online to see what the sentiment was and thought it was bloody hilarious. Junker started it by provoking him with his comment this is the last time you will be in the house quip and then after all the lefties had got their knickers in a twist Farage just came and said exactly what Joe Public was thinking and had been wanting him to say all along. The comment about them never having real jobs was priceless.

    What was even more amusing though were all the bloody whining Scots moaning about how they were hung out to dry which is ludicrous because they had a referendum where it meant certainly leaving the EU if they were successful and the SNP were pushing it. The mind boggles it really does.

    Another highlight wad the Sinn Fein MP who was also a convicted bomber talking about how her constituency voted to remain and therefore kicking them out was undemocratic.....

    Honestly I know Farage is a bit abrasive but at least he seems to live in the real world unlike some of these cretins.

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    Not up to the average politician"s level of intellect (not a bad thing IMO) but he would make a bloody good trades union leader. He was enjoying his 15 minutes for sure.

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    Heard some of it on the radio hilarious what a man.
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    Farage is entitled to have his say, the last laugh.
    In my opinion he is a brave man to have continued his fight
    after all the abuse and venom spouted at him over the years
    just for saying what he believed.

    Cameron will have to be more diplomatic.
    Unfortunately he has dug himself a deep hole he cannot get out of.

    We have always been treated as troublesome outsiders, we are .

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