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Thread: Hello from Hampshire

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    Hello from Hampshire

    Hi all,

    I have been a member for while and been just browsing and now is the time to introduce myself. I have been decoying / rough shooting for while. My ultimate goal is to get a FAC Licence and I have managed to bag myself a permission over 1200 acres over two Farms 1000 acres and 200 acres. The smaller Farm has been approved for .22 and the larger Farm will require approval so will be looking at .243.

    Looking forward to receive much needed advice as and when required and to get involved.


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    Welcome Toq33r to the forum. You will get plenty of good info here. john

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Welcome from another Hampshire-ite!

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    and welcome from yet another Hampshire -ite

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    Welcome from the grumpy part of Hampshire.
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    welcome from a scots Hampshire/Wiltshire-it who spends a lot of time in Berkshire
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    Welcome to the SD from another Hampshire-ite
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