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Thread: 1st Stalking trip

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    1st Stalking trip

    I was very lucky to be invited on my very first accompanied stalking outing last weekend
    Got to say I fully enjoyed the experience and we spotted a good few roe deer and finally getting near the end of the evening a roe buck finally presented itself
    Waiting for him to turn broadside felt like an eternity to me my knees were shaking and heart was thumping but managed to calm things down before taking the shot.
    All I worried about all day was producing a clean kill and thankfully it dropped instantly
    Great to also been show field prep and to be shown how much is actually involved with ensuring the meat is fit for consumption
    I have still got plenty to learn and understand but really appreciated the opportunity
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    Good job, well done. First one is a bit nerve wracking and all the more memorable for it.

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    Well done mty your now fully hooked then

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    You will never forget your first deer . Let's hope it's the first of many

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    Thank you guys, yes totally hooked on riffle shooting after spending years just using the shotgun.
    Joined a local target club a few months back and just applying for my fac plus waiting to get some forms signed for a local farmer to get his land cleared, so my application should be on its way into A&S next week.

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    Well Done mate. You will always remember and treasure the first one.

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