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Thread: South Africa with Bos En Dal

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    Thumbs up South Africa with Bos En Dal

    My wife and I have just returned from SA after a wonderful holiday and some great hunting with Gerrit van Verruen and Frikkie Snyman of Bos en Dal Safaris.

    Unfortunately when I have tried to upload the photos the files appear to big to display. So hopefully I will post again with some decent images when I have had assistance from one of my work colleagues who is pretty hot with the IT.

    For now just a brief description of the great reception, hospitality and assistance that was given to us.

    We were picked up at the airport, helped through the process of entering SA with a firearm and ammo which proved very easy and then driven to the accommodation lodge slap bang in the hunting area. Nearest town is Koster with Rustenburg being about 45mins away by car.

    I had originally gone out on a warthog culling package but had made up my mind prior to arrival to have a go at some of the other cull animals that were available.

    Over the days I hunted with Frikkie as my PH we bagged 3 Warthog ( 2 in the plus 60Kg range) 2 Blesbok , Impala and a cracking Red Hartebeest Bull.

    Could have taken others such as Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Kudu and various other plains game. Had some great stalks ( do you call them stalks in SA?)
    and great experiences.

    Both of the guys showed great patience in answering all my questions about everything that was new to me because I just wanted to absorb the whole experience. From the day on the range to the last bit of nightime lamping for Jackals it was a great time with totally professional hunters who are passionate about all aspects of the clients expectations.

    Hopefully I will return next year to catch up with some of the species that were absent on my cull list this trip.

    Just for info I used my Kimber 7mm-08 loaded with 139grain SST reloads. Very effective and everything went down with one shot.

    Cheers Redneck

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    sounds like you had a cracking time mate! I'm currently saving for an Africa trip and hoping to do pretty much what you have.

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    Thanks Redneck, it was a cracking time with you and the Misses!!
    I will post some pics tomorrow of your hunt!!

    Gerrit jv Vuuren PH & Outfitter
    Bos en Dal Safaris- South Africa
    Home - Bos en Dal Safaris

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