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Thread: warranty pro hunters

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    warranty pro hunters

    is it worth sending back leaking pro hunter trousers got wet knees last night .
    they're very good nick but leak anyone else done the same and had them replaced ?
    cheers Norma

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    I definatley would send them back.

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    via shop or straight to harkila ? bear in mind I'll need to find receipt

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    I sent mine back to Harkila uk twice because of leaks at the knees and seat. Excellent folks to deal with. They replaced them both times. I ended up selling the second replacement pair as I obviously can't be trusted to avoid brambles! I stick to my trusty crag hoppers now.

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    Sent mine back via the shop where purchased and harkila replaced them
    regards pete

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    Buy a mat, and spend less time praying.

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    took me a minute mate !

    can't find a UK phone no other than ardmoor
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    just go back to the shop where you bought them. they should do all the work for you and make sure you get new ones. Harkila gives 5 year warranty on them

    If you have difficulties send me a PB

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