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Thread: Fieldcraft Training/Good stalking guide SE

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    Fieldcraft Training/Good stalking guide SE


    Strange request but I am looking to book a days stalking with a pro stalker but not with a view necessarily to shoot a deer......

    What I am really looking for is someone I can spend the day with who will enhance my own stalking ability, where as I do have successful stalks on my own ground I do feel as though i could be doing better.

    I don't want to sit in a high seat I want to be better on foot at getting onto deer particularly in a woodland environment.

    Other areas I am keen to build my experience of is stalking muntjac and roe on foot and the use of calls.

    Any recommendations of guides who can do this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sign up for the Mentoring Scheme run by the British Deer Society. I did it, and it was excellent.

    Here's the link to my write up:

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    I've Pm'd you, but if you have ground why not leave the gun at home, take your time and go slow and the even slower, but when you bump deer have a look, what was the wind doing? Did you move when they were looking, tread on a stick, their is a million and one reasons that you are spotted the biggest is deer sometimes just know.

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