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Thread: Record number of youngsters to shoot at biggest Jamboree in Europe

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    Record number of youngsters to shoot at biggest Jamboree in Europe

    Dear all,

    this is a massive project for BASC but one that will deliver a significant legacy for shooting after the event

    See here for more info:

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    Fantastic,well done BASC,hope it runs well for you!

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    Fntastic initiative Basc. Hopefully some positive PR for shooting.......

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    Great idea, well done BASC

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    Getting youngsters into shooting is a great idea, even if they decide not to continue they will have learned the safety aspects and disiplin required when using a gun
    Hope it goes great

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    Thanks all, I have to say a massive thank you to our sponsors, Browning, Eley and Promactic, without their help and support this would not have been possible


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    Good Luck to you all, it sure is going to be a full on week for all involved.
    I'm glad you got selected to run such a large event to introduce so many future sportsmen / women to the sport.

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    Well done David and BASC.
    We thought that we were doing well when our club has twice now hosted the shooting for scout jamborees when over 200 scouts visited the range on a weekend. You certainly beat us.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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