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Thread: cleaning using a bore guide

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    cleaning using a bore guide

    still clambering up the learning curve...
    I've been using bore guides for the past few years, and cleaning until achieving clean patches. The last few times I've run a patch through after removing the guide only to discover more residue, obviously around the throat of the chamber. on reflection, that is hardly surprising.
    I'm just wondering if most people already know this.

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    Depending upon your bore guide, it ideally should stop mid way along the chamber wall; allowing the patches etc to deal with the critical throat area.

    Most likely, particularly if you are getting a grey/ black residue, you are picking it up from the chamber wall thats been 'covered' by the bore guide.

    There are chamber cleaning gizmo's - which I do use occassionally to stay on top of things. However, the action of chambering and ejecting a fresh - and hopefully clean - cartridge should keep the chamber relatively muck free ( within reason ). The case is carrying back out with it a good portion of the mucky stuff - afixed to its outer.

    If you are getting colouration suggesting metal fouling - that could be from solvent seepage ( again depends upon the guide design ) as the chamber will have sufficient metal from the cartridge to give a reaction.

    How does the patch feel going up the bore - is there a very heavy resistance at the throat?
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    i do all the cleaning with bore guide in but the last patch without.then i use a chamber cleaning sounds a bit ott but once you have left butches bore shine in your chamber and the put a nice lap case in that when you check the next day is blue you will understand.

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