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Thread: BRNO 502 Bochbucksflinte

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    BRNO 502 Bochbucksflinte

    *******************Now SOLD pending the usual********************

    For relunctant sale is my beautiful example of a BRNO 502 Combination rifle/shotgun in 12G/.243 Winchester.

    These are rare and do not come up for sale that often. The earlier or later model is more common but doesn't have the connecting rib between both barrels.

    This is in very nice used condition. Very accurate with the option of setting the front trigger to allow precision shooting.

    Included and complementing the iron sights is a high quality Ernst Apel 1" return to zero one piece mounts (current cost 130).

    Also 37 rounds of RWS factory soft point 90 grn ammo and 10 Brenneke rifled slugs if you have permission to acquire.

    This model is recognised as one of the nicest combinations in it's price bracket. Slight marking on right hand side of pistol grip as shown but would easily steam/polish out.

    The barrels are so short it is a fantastic handling gun and great fun on clays and rough alike.

    I am asking 420 for the lot plus RFD to RFD transfer at cost or face to face if prefered.

    I live in Cheshire.


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    No probs Howa

    Might be ok due to it beig a combi.

    I'll keep me fingers crossed



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    Sent you a PM with some info too.



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    Dear all this has now been SOLD pending the usual.



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