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Thread: Odds and ends

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    Odds and ends

    Clearing out a drawer! A few odds and sods that may be of use to someone. Please PM me if you are interested.

    Warne 30mm medium mounts for Sako 75. Model no. 14SM
    Direct fit to Sako dovetail. Two screws missing (Should be easy to find replacements) but otherwise in very good condition.

    Versapod Universal Adapter (for QD sling stud, not included)
    12.50 posted

    Bahco 3mm Pin Punch
    Quality pin punch that's the right one for changing Remington triggers! I no longer have a Remmy
    5 posted

    Harris #2 Hollow Forend Adapter
    A sling stud plus adapter for hollow forend stocks.
    7.50 posted

    Lamp Dimmer Unit
    Aftermarket dimmer unit to add to a 12V lamp (eg Lightforce 170).
    5 posted

    T38 IR Pill
    IR (non AS model) pill for T38 torches.
    8 posted
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    Sako mounts please if still available.
    PM me payment details.
    Cheers Steve.

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    is the lamp dimmer cigar lighter in & out ? many thanks Kev

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    No, it has to be hard wired. So it could be if you had a suitable plug and socket to wire to it.
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    Sako mounts arrived this morning (that was quick) many thanks.

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    PM sent ref Versapod Universal Adapter

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