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Thread: Meopta Meostar R1 3-12x56

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    Meopta Meostar R1 3-12x56

    Hi everyone..........

    Its been a good day today, its warm, sunny, an I have a week off top it all off I have, after loads of deliberation placed a deposit on a Howa 1500 varmint in .223 with green hogue stock.

    My next purchase is a scope..........I have toyed with a fixed mag S+B and also a second hand Swarf however have today discovered a Meopta Meostar R1 3-12x56 for 599.00. It looks like good value however I have very little knowledge of Meopta. Whats the general consensus.........are they up to much? The set up will be used for everything, rabbits, fox, and stalking.

    Opinions please.......

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    Is it the illuminated version? I've just bought one for 700, which seems to be about as cheap as you can get them. I've not mounted it yet but it's pretty clear at night, the reticle has an illuminated dot in the centre and it's in the 1st focal plain so doesn't get any bigger when you zoom in. In fact the dot fits inside a golf ball at 150yds on 12mag.
    Good scope for the money, I thought about getting a Docter, same spec but more money. Don't know if they're much better though.

    ATB Mick

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    Hi Mick...........No mate it isn't the illuminated version, just the standard one. I have spent a bit more on the rifle and moderator than I first intended so can't afford the IL version.

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    meopta scopes are as good as any i have ever used without doubt,ive had a 7x50 on my 308 for years and its taken some abuse but ive never had to re zero due to a knock and better value than others in fact im on the lookout for avariable myself!

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    I've got the 7x50 on my .270, good scope. Just not quite up to the same standard as a S&B or Swaro when it comes to low light. If it were me I'd go with your first thought of a S&B fixed. Macleods do the 10x42 for 646.


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    I have one on my 223 and can't fault it - if the optics are not on a par with the German/Austrian scopes it can't see it and I have a 8 x 56 Swarovski Habicht on my 25.06. It is a couple of years since I bought mine off ebay from US but it was half the price I could get one here!!

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    I have one on my .270 R93. and sofar it works..put it this way, I will need a definate reason to get rid of it.

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