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Thread: Steyr Scout-Problem

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    Steyr Scout-Problem

    I cycled some live rounds through my scout, not fired, to check for clean ejection,after fitting a rail. I cycled both homeloads and factory ammo. I noticed that all the primers had been dented by the firing pin. I stripped and cleaned the bolt, cleaned the bore and tried again. The primers were still dented but much less,hardly, noticeable after cleaning. I cycled the rounds with safety off, as i would do normally, range work etc.

    However after one more clean today, I cycled rounds with safety on and off. The safety on rounds had very noticeable primer dents, where as safety off rounds were hardly marked.

    Can anyone advise please?

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    F.P Spring getting slack ? take the bolt out put your finger over the hole and jolt it back and forth see if you feel the firing pin hit your finger tip just my 2p worth.

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    Given the dents in the primers, sounds as if the Sear on the trigger is sticking, and the firing pin is not being caught and kept in its cocked position. I would suggest the trigger mechanism needs a good clean as well - lighter fluid is excellent.

    Cycling rounds with safety on and the primers being dented is serious and very dangerous. Very easy for a slam fire to happen - ie a round goes off with the bolt not fully closed.

    I would get a gunsmith who knows these rifles to look at this carefully, and do not use it until it has been lloked at.

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    Does the rifle have a floating firing pin?

    If so then this might be the reason for the marked primers.

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    Thanks for the replies gents. Guns going into the gunsmiths. Cheers, Ed.

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    Eddie try stripping and cleaning the bolt yourself first, and then examine it for firing pin damage or pin protrusion. If you do decide to take it to a gunsmith make sure it is a gunsmith and not just a RFD.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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