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Thread: PMII Ultra Short, anybody using one?

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    PMII Ultra Short, anybody using one?

    Anybody using a PMii ultra short? Whats your impressions? I like how compact it looks, is there any compromise in performance compared to standard PMii


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    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Using a 3-20 ultra short since a few months. It wasn't love at first sight but in the meantime I must say I shoot well with it and I am getting on very well with the adjustments. At first I didn't like the optics at higher magnification but found a good setting now. The parallax numbers are way off.
    I only have the scope on trial and hope to be able to have it for the early deer season before giving it back. It is a real beast and feels bullet proof. Wish I could keep it.

    my new ctr and ultra short in a spuhr mount. I think I have 290 cm clicks up after zero.


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    Cheers for the replies, I'm just debating between going for PMII or Zeiss V8

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    The Zeiss is second focal plane and only available with a mil dot reticle. It really depends what your intended purpose is.

    The V8 is more suited to hunting applications and the PM11 for target shooting and hunting. Some find the better target reticles on the PM11 to busy for general hunting scenarios.

    Ive got a 4-16x50 on my target rifle and a V8 on my hunting rifle.

    I would also also consider a March 2.5-25x52 it can be had in either First Focal or Second Focal plane. They are also a bit lighter than the PM11.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    I love the reticle on my 3-20x50 Ultra Short. Only thing that could be improved is to have a brighter day illumination as this scope with 3 mag could at a push be used for driven game or CQB.
    Measuring with the lines is easier than with mildot.

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