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Thread: Leapers Swat 3-12x44

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    Leapers Swat 3-12x44

    This is a great scope. I have had it a few years now and it has gone on every rifle I own, from .22 - .243 .
    It has a mill dot ret target turrets ( lockable ) and zero never shifts. 3 - 12 x 44 with side focus 30 mm tube , glass is perfect with no chips, sunshade built into the design.
    Iluminated ret with tones of colours. I have never used it as its too bright , you can see the mill dot perfectly well under the lamp. It is not working but it may just be the battery, so I sell it as not working.
    Should be fine on a springer too.I don't think they sell them any more.
    All in all a brilliant scope in great condition 100
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