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Thread: Sierra 220gn RN in 30-06

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    Sierra 220gn RN in 30-06

    Hi All,
    Anyone loaded Sierra prohunter 220gn RN in their 30-06, The seating depth at .020 of lands is about 5mm below the cannelure. Does this matter and if you have loaded this what has your COAL been? I am feeling a little uncomfortable about loading to shoot these at the minute

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    Chances are that the cannelure is placed for an older round that would have have had the 220 grain weight as standard may be the 30-40 Krag or one of the other earlier .30 cal rounds.

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    Ignore the cannelure and just load to the OAL recommended by your reloading manual.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    As 8X57 says , ignore it . I've used Sierra and Hornady 220's in a number of 06's . Some would allow me to seat to the cannelure , a few wouldn't . They worked fine in both .


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    Thanks all for the replies, the length of the cartridge looks very long, may load a few without primer and powder and see how they cycle in magazine.
    Alberta boy what was your COAL for the Sierra 220gn? Just so I know I'm in the right ball park

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    Just wondering, what are you shooting with that load?

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    I have the same question: what is the intended use?
    The 200 and 220-gr RN bullets are usually for something like really big bears, inside 100 yards, and the 220-gr will be a much slower load.

    If you want a heavy bullet, a spitzer or boattail 200 gr will have the velocity and BC to work well up close and to be a long range bullet. So will something like the Barnes 180-gr TSX. And you will have a wide variety of 180 and 200 grain bullets from which to choose for various applications, so you can leverage one good load to quickly work up another in the same weight.

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    Yeah. I reserve the 220's for my 30-40 Krag for use on big/dangerous stuff fairly close.~Muir

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    Thanks for the replies, I'm loading up for UK deer and potentially boar inside 150yd. Before anyone jumps to conclusions I want to do a few experiments before using on live quarry with ft/sec over chrono and calculate ft/lb, POI then calculated at 25yd intervals so I am within legal and humane boundaries. I want to minimise carcass damage with a slower heavier round that will still impart a good amount of energy in hydraulic shock on expansion. I couldn't get anything less than this weight in the local RFD as a loose head. Ideally I would like something around 180-200gn with a better BC.
    I really don't like neck or head shooting and get frustrated with damage on the exist shoulder which can end up being wasted meat if there is a lot of bone and lead fragments(e.g 243win sako 90gn sp)
    My theory may prove ineffective in practice and if so will bin the idea, Open to other loads if anyone has any they are happy with that minimises meat damage and drops beast quickly. Have used Norma 180gn oryx with reasonable success but would like to improve if possible.
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