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Thread: T3 Hunter or Battue 9.3 x 62

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    T3 Hunter or Battue 9.3 x 62

    Any forum members currently own a T3 Hunter or Battue chambered 9.3 x 62 ? I would appreciate an appraisal of either.


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    We don't see much call for the 9.3x62 in the UK, but T3 hunter in other calibres is popular and well rated. I have used them, accurate and reliable. Magazine is a three shot and you can only really load through the magazine, rather than top loading.

    The Battue has a high rib which will preclude mounting a large objective lensed scope, but would be fine with 1-4 or 1-6x20 straight tube type scope. Or use it with ope sights as intended.

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    i have t3 hunter 308 1/11 twist. very light compared to my tikka m595. 20" barrel. action is like glass, super smooth. great to carry around in the hills and to shoot off hand with.

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    I tried to order a 9.3x62 T3 a few years ago but was told that GMK didn't import Tikka's in that calibre. I suppose with the rise in popularity of European driven boar trips they may now do so but you can be sure that it would be a special order with a wait of at least six months.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thanks chaps , I was more interested in the technical side of either model, which you have answered. Agreed both rifles will need no more than a 1.5-4 x 20 scope.
    I had a Husky 9.3 x 62 about 25 years ago and foolishly sold it. So I have been looking for another. A classic Mauser, Shultz & Larsen or Husky would be nice but you very rarely see them anymore.
    I have included a pic from a recent trip. 6 Boars were taken, 4 with good dentures.


    Click image for larger version. 

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