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Thread: Swiss powder

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    Swiss powder

    Has anyone used RS36 or RS40?

    Using RS50 currently in 22.250 with a 22" barrel using 40gr blitzkings and 52gr hpbt.

    Finding that there is still powder burning in the moderator ( 92% burn in the barrel according to a friends quick load)

    Cheers leon

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    I use RS40 in my .223 with 52gr A-Max bullets.
    In the .22/.250 I use N140, which is not unlike RS50. However, I use 55gr bullets in that rifle.

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    Yeah dalua the 55gr isn't too bad, it's just a bit slow compared to the N140.

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    I use rs 50 in my.243, bit of a 'dirty' powder but good velocity and consistency.

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