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Thread: Wales

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    I'm English though and though but that was the best game I have seen for years proper football.well done Wales

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    i,m not a football fan but i watched the game what a result for wales, thats passion for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSW View Post
    I'm English though and though but that was the best game I have seen for years proper football.well done Wales
    I agree 100%. As an English man I'm pleased to see Wales playing so well as a team!

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    Thank you Wales for showing the English football team how it should be done! Absolute determination & pride in wearing their country's shirt. I'll be rooting for them to go all the way!

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    Unbelievable! My balls are the wrong shape, but this has shown the pampered England football squad what it means to a nation when their team digs in and performs. Outstanding performance
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    I'm Scottish and that game had me punching the air ...... you welsh men must be proud to watch the best game so far

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    I'm not a huge football fan, but Wales played bloody well, so much better than that load of t---ers we had out there, well done Wales.

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    Perhaps it'd be better swapping sports as our rugby team are struggling but we're so proud of you boys.

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    What Gunner said, well done Wales

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    I watched the game and was shouting at the TV, poor dog was hiding under the chair.

    As the commentator said they play as a team and act on the managers instructions....

    We all need some hope in these dark days....


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