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Thread: Burris eliminator III laser rangefinder scope 3x12x44 scope

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    Burris eliminator III laser rangefinder scope 3x12x44 scope

    Has anyone got or used an Burris eliminator III laser rangefinder scope 3x12x44 scope? What do you think is it worth the money or just a techy gimmick?

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    It is not a gimmick. The Burris ballistic reticles work and this automatic elevation and windage compensation works. Bushnell and Zeiss also make one. The military uses them.

    I have shot one a variety of odd ranges, out to 600, mounted on a Remington 700 in 7.62 NATO, and it worked like a charm. The glass is good. I have looked through the Bushnell and the Zeiss, but not fired through one. The Zeiss had a bit better glass, as one would expect.

    Search the threads here, as I posted about this, and several SDUK members had owned or tried them.

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    I put a Vortex PST and a Burris Eliminator together at Barry's Firearms and at the same power compared them side by side. This was midday outside at 145m. Not good optics in my opinion. The rangefinder is excellent and works well, but the optics are second rate, even third rate. It stands to reason that they have to compromise somewhere or they would cost as much as a Zeiss.

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    Thanks for the replays both I'm still in two minds about getting one especially given there price

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