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Thread: Semi custom tikka 695 in 7x57 re-listed

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    Semi custom tikka 695 in 7x57 re-listed

    Good evening guys,

    Please find below my beloved rifle that I had built by Dave at Valkyrie rifles. I never had any intension of selling it but now packing in shooting.


    The opportunity of a shot out 695 in .270 win was offered to me which took all of 5 milliseconds before I snapped their arm off, as I had been looking for a donor for quite a while that would fit the bill for my 7x57 build. Dave was commissioned and the following was produced:-

    Tikka 695 7x57 l/a

    • All stripped down and fettled
    • action re-barrelled with a borders ( 1 in 9) in a sporter profile with invisible cap
    • all nicely bedded in to a Mc Swirly stock blue/black/grey/olive marble
    • trigger tweaked for a nice light release
    • action and barrel cera-coted in matt black
    • oversized knob

    Very happy with the work and how the rifle performs. Which is the bad news for me but the good news if you fancy owning it. Afore mentioned circumstances put the round count down the tube at 38.... I had begun initial load development and loaded 50 rounds and that is as far as I got.

    Pictures will be uploaded very shortly and if you would like additional angles please ask.

    As the action was a donor it does have a few minor cosmetic imperfection to the mag and bottom metal, also I dinked the stock right side rear of action (shown in photo's) and that has been sealed.

    I would like 850 please for the bare rifle.
    For 950 I will through in all the powder/bullets I have left and an ASE jet z compact in 30 cal.

    Any questions please ask and photo's up promptly.

    Kind regards
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    Cracking rifle, would have it myself but just haven't got enough funds
    have a bump on me

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    If only I had the cash.

    bump on me


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    Thanks guys,

    barrel is 22"


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    Still for sale. Lovely rifle needs new home.

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    I cant believe that this has not been snapped up! This is a quality action, barrel and stock, put together by a smith who knows his job very well. This will almost definitley be a tackdriver in a classic do it all calibre at less than the price of a new T3x.....Whats not to like????

    Have a bump on me old chap!

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    did anyone off here buy this rifle??/.... if not why???????!!!!!!! and if so... how does it perform???

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