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Thread: .243 or .308 for red`s

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    Question .243 or .308 for red`s

    if you only had a .243 and a .308 what would you use on reds?? i shall add a bit more!! in the past ive had and used only .270 and .308,this time around (i sold .270 and .308) i put in for .243 and .308, i bought a .243 straight away and think it is great being the smallest cf ive fired! i have not yet bought a .308 ime just wondering what to do? should i live with the .243 for all deer,should i buy a .308 as well and just use it for large deer? or have both and use both,Ive got fox on both Cal's as well. will the .243 be up to shooting reds/sika? i know the .308 is,i should have used more options on the poll i think!!
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    I've always used a .308 on reds....but then again I've always used a .308! Munty's to reds, the .308 does the job.

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    The 243 will do just fine, the trouble does not lie with the calibre but with the shooter! Many hill keepers used nothing but a 243 for years and some still do. It is when stalkers start to think that it is not enough gun, it becomes not enough gun. If you only have the one calibre and use it for everything then the chances are that you will become very proficient with, and pretty much guaranteed to hit what you aim at every time. This then translates into confidence which in turn equals dead quarry.

    If you doubt the calibres ability then IMHO you will doubt your own which means you will be seeking the confidence of the larger round, this will then boost your confidence and help with your shot placement. My view is either will do the job, it just depends on how comfortable you feel.

    I personally know of a lot of Sika that have never complained that a 243 was not enough gun .
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    No brainer

    308 if you have one, if not shoot what you have.

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    "if you only had a .243 and a .308 what would you use on reds??"

    As your question implies you have both to choose from I have voted for .308

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    Like John says, it ain't the gun.

    I used 243 for years, for some reason went of it, but have been shooting with it again for the last year and it does what it should if i get it all right, if you need a bigger round because your placement is a bit off, then learn to shoot!

    I have never liked 308's, only because I have it in my head that I don't like em, I had a guest wound a stag with one 21years ago and that caused me to form my opinion! and I'm sticking with it

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    one thing i can do is shoot!! ime very good at it too,but thats another story!! ive had some very good answers here of some very professional people and i thank you all!! like Ive said the smallest cf Ive ever fired is .270,Ive had a year without an fac (got bored!)then regretted it and re applied but this time i applied for a .243/.308 when my ticket hit the floor i was off like a shot to my local shop went through all rifles the one that felt the best was a .243 ruger second hand but like new with a scope on. took it home re aligned the scope level!! and for my eye relief,eye bore sighted it and five days later turned up at johns (yorkshireroestalking) fired 1 shot at 50 a bit off so i gave 5+3 clicks moved to 100mtrs 2 shots in bull (3 shots!!) shot 4 30mtrs high neck shot roe buck dropped on the spot,shot 5 110mtrs low neck shot roe buck dropped on the spot!! i am amazed at this call!! i was just wondering would it have the power to drop a red(and would i be allowed to use .243 on red!!!) but you've answered that one!! so now then, i may just buy an old .308 to do up and to use for fun!! Ive shot many roe deer,a few fallow(with .270/.308) but never any red/sika!! so now i know i can use my .243!!! thanks again to all!!

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    I used to have a .240" (essentially a faster .243") and found it fine for early stags, hinds, Sika etc. However, I found that for stags in the rut it lacked the power to knock them over. So in this instance I would go for .308". That being said I use a 7x57mm for everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambislayer View Post

    I have never liked 308's, only because I have it in my head that I don't like em, I had a guest wound a stag with one 21years ago and that caused me to form my opinion! and I'm sticking with it
    And yet the only time I have seen them run is when shot with a garden gun. strange that. One of us is talking ******** as ususal and I know it aint me.

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    I have no experience with a .308 on deer, but, as to the effectiveness of a .243 on reds....


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