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Thread: Leica hd-b suitable harness

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    Leica hd-b suitable harness

    Anyone out there using the leica hd-b 10x42 binos that can recommend a binos harness and cover that fits well and allows ease of use?
    Considering one of Rob/Monarch's units but what about Harkilas offering? A mate has a kuiu one for his ziess 10x56 rf but tried them tonight and the fit could be better.

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    Leica are doing a neoprene jacket/harness but I've yet to track one down (I'm after similar for mine), harkila looks good but reviews on youtube don't look good. The usual SD answer is S4 lockdown

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    Cheers.....s4 lockdown is in the is the sitka bino bag.....pricey gear without trying them first though.

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    Swazi do one as do niggeloh iv got both and are very good

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    S4 doesn't fit
    Ah.....ok. Thanks for letting me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benji53 View Post
    Swazi do one as do niggeloh iv got both and are very good
    Cheers......I'll check them you use either with said binos? Just concerned about getting the right fit

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    StrapWrap for Binoculars Roof/Prism | miggo

    This appears to be the same as the Leica offering, which is probably just branded by them or made under license on their behalf.

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    The s4 large fits my zeiss ht 10x42s..... are the leica bigger?

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    A few good options in the states by the looks of it but nothing in the UK. Like the bag/harness type design like the badlands or alaskan guide as they offer full protection but still with ease of deployment. All the UK offerings seem to just cover "part" of the binos which is no good for keeping out dust and debris etc and protecting your 1k+ binos. Crazy!......are we not missing a trick here or an I not looking hard enough?

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