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Thread: Digger says hello

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    Digger says hello

    Still waiting for my FAC to arrive, i have wanted to start stalking for a long time but only just found the time to get started. Great to find a site that's full of like minded and very helpful people. I need to do the DSC 1 asap, anyone have the contact details for the guys at Cirencester. I have a lot of land that i shoot with air rifles at the moment, the land owners have no problem with me using a rifle to control foxes and fallow/roe here in South Glos. I look forward to posting my future activities with you all.
    Cheers for now.

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    Welcome to the mad house.
    Glad you have some land with Deer on all lined up well done that man ! this is a link to the BDS who run a DSC course in Cirencester in November.

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