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Thread: wood I.D

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    wood I.D

    Afternoon all,anyone have any idea what this wood is,dad got a load of it so before its split and seasoned for 2 years need to know what it is.
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    Looking at the bark I'd hazard a quess at Douglas fir.....Hugh...
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    Looks like oak to me, should be fairly heavy/dense

    Althou in 1st photo there is a diffeerent bark in very bottom corner, it looks a bit like silver birch, saw will go throu that like butter

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    Cheers fellas,it's deffinately not Douglas fir or oak.The back can peel off quite easily.

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    Looks like lime from what I can make out from the photos, the log at the very bottom looks like it birch

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    Here is some more pictures of the bark.
    Ps when I picked it up I rings it was starting to sprout shoots out from the rings.
    pps my fault there is a chunk of birch in the bottom corner,the last few years I've split plenty 9f maple,ash,oak,sycamore, birch,pretty much most wood for the burner but not this kind.I think it's some kind or ornamental tree but not sure?
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    Alder?? Can't really see to well on the iPhone though

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    I thought Oak too, but would need better pic
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    I had some wood similar to this and i identified it as cherry as the older the tree is it loses the lenticels which makes cherry quite distinctive. Having said that it does look similar to immature oak.


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    Quote Originally Posted by redlab View Post
    Alder?? Can't really see to well on the iPhone though
    Looks like Alder to me. Holds a lot of water. I wouldn't buy it by the ton.

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