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    Hello ,
    I'm looking for a 30 cal moderator in the next few weeks could do with some advise on which is the best for money weight clean-able and life expectancy I suppose and also end of barrel or over barrel. Or is it a case of much of a muchness just take your pick.

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    Hi Chris, I have a discussion on here regarding moderators that you could find useful.
    I have always had a JetZ on my 308 but it was a can on the end and made the rifle very barrel heavy, a total pain to stalk with it on your shoulder as it constantly tries to swing barrel to the floor!!!! I have just purchased a DPT over barrel and it is a totally different animal, it is so light that the rifle is easy to carry, not unbalanced, and easy to shoot. It is strippable and seems just as quiet as the JetZ. Well worth looking at the website. Cheers Jerry

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    I have a Atec MAXIM for sale from a Blaser M15 thread fired 20 shots selling for £125 plus postage

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    Lots of people on here, myself included, tend towards SS systems such as the JetZ or the newer and fairly lightweight (for steel) ASE Utra - SL5. The SL5 is better balanced and lighter, so better for stalking I think. I have SL5s on all of my centre fire rifles now and couldn't be happier. Good muzzle blast reduction in 308 and they wont upset the handling too badly compared with some. Maintenance consists of an occasional tap or brush out (no replaceable or removable parts) and they're designed to last at least the life of your barrel. DPT are very lightweight but you may well end up buying one or two spare SS muzzle-end baffle sections if the original gets gas cut.
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    I have an ASE Ultra SL5 - light, stainless steel doesn't rot, squirt of WD40 after every use - job done.

    The ASE Ultra SL5i has just been introduced and I believe shave a good bit of the weight of an already light bit of kit.

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    Hi Jerry,
    thanks for your imput much needed some friends have suggested the DPT so I shall have a look at these theirs just so many to look at.

    Thanks but I think you missed the question, I'm looking for help not a sale try the classifieds.

    ChesterP, AND slider,
    Many thanks I will be looking at these too, I've never had a moderator in my life apart from my old 22 but I'm slowly leaning towards them because of my tinnitus and ii know it might be a bit late but better late than never I suppose.

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    Have a look at the Wildcat Evolution, it really is a very good moderator.
    lightweight, over-barrel, stripable and extremely well made here in the UK.
    Although calibre specific all parts are available seperately including calibre inserts, it also comes in any thread you want, all this for only £199

    UK Custom Shop Ltd, Incorporating WildCat Custom Rifles


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    Thanks Ian,
    That's worth a look too and not a bad price either considering it interchangeable between calibres

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    I've just got a Stalon on my hill rifle.....excellent in price , very light and very quiet....(bought from Graham's in Invernes)....
    highly recommended
    ... One kill....

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    I love my DPT over barrel, I had no option to shoot any mods before buying but I went to the RFD and screwed a number of different mods on my gun to see how the gun handled with various mods attached.
    If you can do this I recommend it.
    Oh nearly forgot, I opted for a stainless steal blast baffle to the mod so life expectancy is greater, and if the gun is synthetic/stainless this mod looks fantastic on it.

    Happy shopping

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