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Thread: Charity auction- rifles and shooting eqpt.

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    Charity auction- rifles and shooting eqpt.

    Apologies if this is the wrong section! Please move to the relevant topic of not.
    I don't post much on here but I do regularly visit SD to read and search for topics of interest and really value SD members input. This is one that I haven't been able to find info on and hope members on here could help with some info.
    I was wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of auctioning rifles for charity?
    My niece was recently diagnosed with leukaemia and her dad is a keen rifle shooter. Due to her illness and reduction in working hours to look after her the family are under some financial pressure and he is unfortunately in the position of needing to raise funds to pay the bills. He may be selling his remy 700 243win and an anschuz 1422 thumb hole.
    My first question is can these be sold as charity auction? Or is this frowned upon?
    where would we be able to do this? Online or physically?
    I was thinking that 50% would go to the family and the other 50% to candlelighters of all proceeds raised.
    Candlelighters - Fighting Childrens Cancer
    All advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    In principle, there's nothing against auctioning rifles from a legal viewpoint that you couldn't overcome I believe. There's quite a few auction houses that do this. The problems may arise depending on how you want to auction them. If you wanted to arrange an auction yourself, then that might be a bit more problematical. The auctioneer if they have possession of the guns might cause a problem if they aren't the owner of them, something auction houses have in place.

    Doing it physically could also cause problems in that you would have to ensure bidders have a firearms certificate and a slot for the rifle they want to bid on and how would you advertise it to be sure to get a a fair few punters? And would you be able to wait whilst they apply for a cert, given the delays that may cause, with the potential they might be refused or change their mind given the time?

    Of course you could consider a straight sale on sites such as Guntrader or Gunstars. The problem there might be that you don't know how long it would take to sell them, which I suppose would be dependant on not only how much call there is for them but what the price is. Or go to one of the auction houses, which just might bring in a bit more money if people realise what the cause is, but there's no guarantees.

    I think, were it me, I'd look to sell them as I would any rifle that I wanted to dispose of. You could try local gun shops (although if you aren't part exchanging, don't expect top dollar). You could try selling on one of the online sites, the problem there being time, or one of the auction houses, one that specialises in guns preferably. I just think arranging your own auction would be too much hassle for no guarantee of a good sale.
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