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Thread: Pierced primer

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    Pierced primer

    Pierced Primer
    I am kindly asking for an advice. I shot using AI rifle in 308 caliber, suddenly I am experiencing pierced primer problems. Has anyone experienced this problem? There is no presure sign on the primer.
    Thank you

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    Have you stripped and examined the bolt in particular the firing pin for chipping?
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    If it's as you describe an Accuracy International action, the firing pin is adjustable to allow for different types of primer. Pierced primers are not unknown. I would not recommend that you do this yourself. Suggest speaking to Sporting Services in Surrey.

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    Thank you, i have striped the bolt, no cheeping nore any damage to the firing pin. I have to strip it to remove the primer bit, after firing 3 rounds, the fourth, the primer bit gets sucked in to the bolt cavity and blocks the firing pin from releasing. I will contact sporting services first thing in the morning.

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    Slack pins. So as to keep functioning in the sand pits. A lot of smiths bush the boltface to take up the slack, particularly in high pressure chamberings such as 6.5x47

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    I have a Steyr Aug which I use for CSR competitions.
    I never had any issue with RG ammo, home-loads etc.
    However I tried some GGG ammo and in 10 rounds I had 2 blown primers.
    So sometimes it is dodgy ammo.

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