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Thread: Ruger 77 mk2

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    Ruger 77 mk2

    I have a Ruger 77 mk2. It has the trap door type magazine. Does anyone know if there is a conversion kit to make it have a detachable magazine?

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    What calibre? - I looked into this some years ago. An American company - DPI Precision Gunworks did/do make conversion kits, but only for short action calibres; .223 & .308 - If yours is a long action calibre forget it. General feeling was that it would probably be cheaper to buy a new rifle.

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    I have a ruger mk2, bought it cheap as chips shoots sub Moa all day long practicaly indestructible as for mag conversion I would bother, I looked into it 8 years ago and quickly gave up.

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    Trap door mags as far as I am concerned are for proper rifles. Single stack detachable mags are all the rage these days, but it is only a matter of time before they are left at home, or worse drop out whilst you are carrying the rifle.

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