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    Any other members at Scone today ? what did you think of it? in general I thought it was a good fair weather turned out to be a lot better than expected, not as busy as I have seen it in the past but still a reasonable turnout.

    Bought a few bits and pieces nothing big and can't say I saw any real bargains other than the Vortex binoculars on Moray
    Outfittings stall a real bargain for anyone in the market for a decent pair of binoculars at a budget price.

    I should state I have no connection to Moray Outfitting , Andy, John is that enough of a plug

    Seriously though had a great day caught up with a lot of people that I don't see very often the Craig was brilliant which is my main reason for going.

    was just thinking I have only missed two fairs at Scone since they started when was that sometime in the 1980s I think,
    once because it was cancelled due to the weather and once because I was I'll.

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    I was there on Friday. Same old same old

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    I was there yesterday and enjoyed my day walking round the various stalls however the only item bought was a jumper by my wife from a stall which had nothing to do with game shooting or fishing. I was on the lookout for a pair of ear defenders but no one could offer a price which was close to what I could buy online. I appreciate that if we don't use it we will lose it but the price difference was such that I couldn't justify the extra spend.


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    I was down with a group of friends on Friday, same as we do every year, and as usual had a great time. We met up with people we rarely see, had a good laugh and chat with old friends. We saw a few things we had not see before in real life, a fully shrouded .22 rim fire nice bit of kit we had only seen on line and in magazines. We saw a type of shooting stick we had never seen before, and after a splendid demonstration bought 2 sets. There were lots of little bits and pieces we liked, and saw a change in the new argos we will be making in our one after seeing it.
    Before Ebay and the like it was a great place to get stuff cheap, but i dont think that is what it is about these days, it is a chance to see kit that local shops dont hold, or you have only seen on line / in mags and to meet up with folks you dont see often. I was told that a number of shops have had folks coming in to try on jackets and the like in the run up to the show, only to try to buy them cheap at the show, a great way to loose your local shops. The same happened in the diving industry years ago, and not 60% of the scuba shops in the UK have closed down. Dont get me wrong, i like a bargain, but putting on a stand at a show costs a small fortune, particularly if you have to pay staff to run your shop, and to run your stand, and to feed them and give them accommodation for the weekend. To then sell things you stock in your shop cheaper at the show than you do in your shop makes no sense unless you can sell in volumes or showcase something difficult to sell or new.
    I had a great time, but noticed a number of shooting and fishing, food shops and stalls that we have visit every year were missing this year, and there are only perhaps a couple of dozen big shops represented that really make up the majority of the fishing and shooting kit on show. If they cancel then it is an arts and crafts show and far less interesting to the majority of SD members. I would miss it if it closed.

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    Scone was always a great day out but things are not cheap. One of the main reasons being the cost to traders. Some 8 years ago the cost for a framed marquee 20ft x 20ft was in the region of 1200 and I can't see it being any cheaper now. That is an awful lot of goods you need to sell to break even without taking in travel or accommodation. I'm afraid this is one of the reasons for the eventual demise of these fairs as you could double+ those costs for the CLA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingercargill View Post
    I was there on Friday
    Yep, so were we. 19 each to get through the gate, 4 just to park, and then they wanted another fiver for a bloody program???

    Not a cheap day out, by any stretch. And it was exactly the same old crap we saw from ten years ago
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    We went and had a go at the gnat shoot as its something i've wanted a go of for a few years. Dont get too many opportunities to shoot at a model plane. When they told me the cost of their pitch i couldnt believe it. Plus vat and wages and travel and accomodation it soon adds up to a scary number.

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    Aye. That's the Game Conservancy for you though
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    The problem with a game fair is we all want something different from it. As woodsmoke says above, it will always be the same stuff as previous years (except small and cheaper thermal imagers, LED lamps, diverdaves brilliant water repellent!!!! the shrouded barrel .22 and sticks i found) because in these days when someone comes up with something new (like the superb swivel free standing high seat we found) it is on line, on here and in all the mags the next day. It will be a rare thing indeed these days to see something totally new. One reason it will always be similar stuff is that is what sells

    I dont see it as a cheap place to buy things, those days are largely gone. But it is a place to try the whole range of thermal imagers and speak to experts on them, as most shops wont have the whole range. It is a chance to directly compare 2500 binos when your local shops only do one or the other. Basically you can try things, compare things and poke and prod things you may have been thinking about but have not had the opportunity to see. If you already have almost everything then it will be difficult to find new stuff.

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    Dear Uncle.... er I mean Bogtrotter ( who we've never met and defn haven't know for anything like decades ) - you missed out plugging the Ballistol!

    The debate about shows, retail pricing etc has been covered and will go on. There is no easy answer.

    BT - thanks again for the jaffa 'bag'.

    I would say that this year the new lady doing the organising actually had the guts/ intelligence to go round as many traders as she could at the end and find out views - and not least she listened to those views without bluster etc. Thats a first in our experience and is to be applauded regardless. Be assured we put the view of an ever decreasing cycle - high pitch costs reduce stand variety, high entry fees reduce crowds, fewer punters mean fewer stands and higher prices - and round she goes. That somehow the cycle needed to be broken and entrance fees were a good place to start. We'll see.
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