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Thread: First 'real' track!

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    First 'real' track!

    My dog Rufus is a HWV and has not long turned a year old. We have done some tracking training (if I'm honest not as much as I should
    have done though). He's mostly a family pet but also a stalking companion for me, although he generally stays home if I'm just going to sit in a high seat.

    I shot a muntjac last night which disappeared into THICK brambles.
    Popped home to get Rufus and was back at the shot site about an hour after the shot.
    Rufus tracked the muntjac for me (with a couple of diversions, lol) and we found it in about 20 mins. It had gone about 100yds into a dense brambles wood.
    Never would have found it without him!!!!
    So happy and proud of him!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul 600 View Post
    Well done Rufus and Mike!
    Thanks Paul, I'm over the moon about it tbh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Thanks Paul, I'm over the moon about it tbh!
    very addictive! Ring the if you get stuck, we will sort you out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul 600 View Post
    very addictive! Ring the 0800 if you get stuck, we will sort you out.
    Will do, thanks!

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    Well done Mike. It's a great feeling when the mut finally makes a find. The only problem now will be keeping the dog happy with enough work. Mine gets very excited when the gun comes out the cabinet, and then very fed up when I just shoot a squirrel or magpie in the yard.
    Hope you don't need to use the dog to often, but good luck with future tracking.

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    Well done Mike and Rufus , great work for a young dog and so pleased that he had a successful track .
    Rufus is looking good


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    Very well done , I feel like I am missing some vital equipment if I don't take mine with me ,air scenting and finding when they bolt off into thick restock , give him a pat from me ! Ps I bet he will just sit for hours at the bottom of a high seat , they just love being part of the team !!
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    its a great feeling. our BMH/Lab cross is now 16 months old and really beginning to steady down. She has already earned her keep a couple of times. Last was a couple of months ago when I had a Roe buck tumble down a steep hillside into windblown timber / bramble hell. Five minutes and she was onto it.

    Its taken a while, but she is now getting steadier. Earlier in the week we went out for a buck - nothing but does, and we had a doe and two fawns playing in the field 40 to 50 yards away. She showed a lot of attention, with a look of please can go and play with them, but she sat quietly for several minutes without a whimper.

    Having her nose out stalking is really useful - you know something is close well before you see it.

    But the look of utter disgust on the dogs face when you either leave something, or worse have a clean miss is something to behold!

    And she is not keen on midges!

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