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Thread: Any American Servicemen at Mildenhall/lakenheath

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    Any American Servicemen at Mildenhall/lakenheath

    As the title suggests, do we have any members from across the pond based at Lakenheath or Mildenhall? I have a possible favour to ask in exchange for a stalk or two...... (plus it would be really nice to meet someone likeminded, of the few folks I have met they've all been really nice, but seem to like to keep themselves to themselves a lot, but I guess there must be some hunters in amongst them who may like to have some opportunities while they are over?).

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    Hi, my daughters boyfriend is at Mildenhall, he's not a stalker. Could I know the nature of the favour, he may be able to help, not looking for anything in return. He is intensely private as to work as you may understand. Hope I can help. Chris

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