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Thread: looking to buy a working, un-used .22 air rifle for my children

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    looking to buy a working, un-used .22 air rifle for my children

    I've been a stalker for years, but as I have 2 children (6 and 8) I want them to start from the bottom, as I did, with an air rifle. I am wondering if anyone on the SD has a perfectly workable .22 break barrel or under leaver, air rifle for sale at a decent price. Preferably one with a mod on it? I think it's one of the best practical ways of bringing the young into the fold with a bit of kit which with the right care will go on for years. We live in West Sussex, so from a practical perspective it would be ideal if anyone on the SD around mid Sussex is up for parting with theirs?


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    Not sure what your budget is but you won't go wrong with a Weihrauch - perhaps one of these - Weihrauch .22 HW 35 K Break Barrel - Spring New Air Rifle for sale. Buy for 225.

    I can also recommend the HW57 underlever - my daughter gets on really well with this - it's not too heavy and nice and accurate with open sights.

    On on the other hand, if anyone near me has anything you want (on here or guntrader) I'd be happy to bring it over your way as I work in Bordon once a week which wouldn't be very far for you to pop over to?

    Let me know if I can help at all
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    That's really kind of you mate thanks. I've been searching on Gun Trader and may well go the "new" route, but was looking to see if anyone out there had one that was a bit unloved and needing a new home.

    I'm not to up on the HW57. I'll look into them also. I appreciate your offer, that's what's great about this community!

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    I have been in a similar situation having 5 kids. The best lightweight trainer was the Gammo Delta fox: faultless, they now use my Air Arms S100 and a Webley Excel. I would suggest a small lightweight .177 with a knock over or resettable taget. After that water ballons full of water are great fun.


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    We bought my grandson a HW30s a couple of years ago for his 12th birthday. It's an excellent quality, accurate little rifle with an excellent trigger. Conventional break barrel. A bit of a struggle to cock for a 10 year old I would think.

    Weihrauch HW30S Rifle review | Airguns Reviews | Gunmart

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    Get Up To Scotland , They Are Almost Giving Them Away ! Lol

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    Good to see you are getting your kids into shooting i started my 2 grandaughters out at 6 & 8 they are now 8 & 10
    but they started and are still shooting using a .22 rimfire from a 2 point rest eldest is now shooting using a bipod and they are both putting 10 rounds into a 1 inch circle, but I have the luxury of a 40 mt range i built in my back garden ( farmhouse) they will learn gun and range safety and respect for guns / firearms
    well done that man
    PS hope some nice person on here has a good dig around the gun cupboard and digs out a nice air rifle for you
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    Hi Tayles

    I have a HW57 that I could not get on with. You have that on approval if you wish. 100 if you like it.


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    Hi Eddie That is very kind of you. I will PM you.

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    I bought a Crossman Raven synthetic break barrel for my kids. No mod but it's quieter than my old Comet. Nice and light too so they can handle it very well. Was about 120 or so new including cheapie scope.

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