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Thread: Blaser screwdriver

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    Blaser screwdriver

    As per the title please folks. I am after a Blaser screwdriver as I don't want to chew up my mounts.


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    Hi S.E

    Try Mulliner Guns.

    Cheers Aye
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    Swillington SS

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    Blaster do screwdrivers?��
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    If you don't happen to have one that fits, take the mount to an engineering supplies place and buy a screwdriver to suit. You might find a hex drive bit if not a standalone...

    I had one which fitted well, but if I hadn't it only takes a few moments with a grinder or diamond file to fit...


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    I would first approach a Blaser dealer to source one for you (i.e. for free). They are a gunsmith's screwdriver which are hardened and less wedge shaped.

    From a random search online:

    http://www.swillingtonshootingsuppli...-Screw-Driver/ (suspect that one of this set would do the trick but do not know).

    Hope this helps....

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    So no one has a secondhand one they no longer need.

    Looks like I will have to try a shop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fizzbangwhallop View Post
    Shotgun turnscrew!

    But that won't have BLASER written down the handle!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    But that won't have BLASER written down the handle!!

    but they will be rather nice rosewood or ebony handles.... to match the expensive wooden stock on your Blaser (Mine are plastic)

    Having recommended turnscrews I thought I'd better go and google for them and see they're pretty expensive for a set... I'm lucky enough to have 2 sets inherited from my Dad. The google search also threw up Brownells 'thin' Magna Tip sets which might be an option.



    just tried the Forster driver set.... all too fat... and the B Square driver set... only one that fits the slot but its too narrow. Nothing suitable in the excellent Teng Tools TTSD39 torque driver set either.
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