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Thread: Blaser Screw driver

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    Blaser Screw driver

    Blaser screw driver wanted for saddle mount adjustment.

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    Attachment 71831
    Suitable for all minor adjustments on a Blaser
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    Don't know about that Bob. But I do have form for angle grinder use..
    Might just be tempted to open the grooves up with a 4inch cutting wheel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Blaser screw driver wanted for saddle mount adjustment.
    I would first approach a Blaser dealer to source one for you (i.e. for free). They are a gunsmith's screwdriver which are hardened and less wedge shaped.

    From a random search online:

    http://www.swillingtonshootingsuppli...-Screw-Driver/ (suspect that one of this set would do the trick but do not know).

    Hope this helps....

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    They seem to be out of stock everywhere, even have them as out of stock...
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    Are you in a rush for one? if not i'm sure I've got a spare one here somewhere.



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    I'm still looking for one Wanted: Blaser screwdriver
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    I filed down a flat head until it fitted, works fine for me.
    Edit. Make sure it's a v wide one though if you do it

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    Took me 5 years to secure three. Good luck.
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    Try this,

    They are precision cabinet makers screwdrivers. Just measure the head of the screw and the slot and order.
    Good luck.

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