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Thread: Can someone with a leupold save my bacon tonight?! do you have a var scope?

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    Can someone with a leupold save my bacon tonight?! do you have a var scope?

    Hi guys, do any of you have a leupold vxr 4-12 x 50? if so could you measure the ocular sense and the objective lens for me?
    Id really appreciate it !
    Many thanks

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    I have one, are you looking for external measurements?

    external the objective is 58mm and the ocular is 38 at the rubber eyepiece and 40 at the ocular bell
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    You saved the day tom, thanks so much for measuring that for me!

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    Why did you need them out of interest?

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    Client wants to try a clip on night vision on my scope and I'd left it in the cabinet at work. He needed it by 8 am today.
    Thanks again!

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