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Thread: Laser IR + NV

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    Laser IR + NV

    Hi All
    Whats the pros and cons of using a Laser IR with NV scope.

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    Depends on whether digital or tubed:

    Tubed - sharper picture, longer range, BUT can be too bright (needs a fully variable power switch) and can burn the tube, plus you get Airey rings at higher focus (rings of high and low light) - tends to be more expensive - but look at something like a Dipol L3. Lasers tend to be smaller, lighter and more powerful than an LED variant. I'd go (variable) laser over LED for tubed.

    Digital - can overexpose the picture, (hard to control), but little chance of image damage. Some digital does not respond well to laser light in the way the sensors pick it up. LED can give better overall picture quality from laser in Digital.
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    Although not always smaller. The dragonfly is torch sized and is the mutts nuts for clarity and distance. I am biased though.
    One thing to consider is how long you will leave it on for. I spot with the thermal then aim switch on, shoot and switch off. Even if I am waiting for something to come in range, max on time 5 minutes certainly no more than 10.
    batteries life on things like the firefly is about 60 hours. Basically you forget all about it until a few months down the line you have no power left in the battery cos you forgot to change it. LEDS tend to eat batteries in comparison.
    the dragonfly will probable last you 1 maybe 2 hours. But consider this. I haven't changed the battery for a few weeks as I don't use my longbow for spotting. If you see what I mean.

    here's another thought. Some lasers are on 800nm. Now for some reason when I used the laser the rabbits ran. But when I switched to 850nm they stayed and this was not them being shot on a regular basis with the 800mn. Weird.
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