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Thread: South Africa /JBRG airport major delays on arrival

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    South Africa /JBRG airport major delays on arrival

    Anyone traveling through Johannesburg airport ,expect Uk passport delays ,I have been told by a close friend that process through the airport is taking up to 4 hours since Brexit ,
    hopefully someone from SD can throw some light on this,
    or is anyone traveling to other destinations having delays ?

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    Just had an update from SA airlines ,if your traveling through (in transit) no problems, its just if you are clearing in JBRG ,they are collecting bio metric data slowing the process down .....

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    Yeah, they're looking for Boris, Nige and Mikey...heard they were travelling incognito...was it as ??? rhymes with "lucky farces"

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    as there is currently no change in the status of British passport holders, god only knows why they are doing this.

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